1.When my partner says s/he'll do something I:
  Nag him/her until s/he follows through.
 Don't hold my breath and figure I'll end up doing it myself.
 Assume one of us will do it eventually.
 Know it will get done.
2.I would cheat on my partner:
  If his/her best friend seduced me.
 If I had proof s/he would never find out.
 For $1,000,000.
 Never. Not. Ever.
3.Physically, my partner:
  Is not as hot as I am.
 Is probably way out of my league.
 Kinda grew on me after a while.
 Is dreamy and perfect, just like me.
4.When I screw up in my relationship I:
  Try to hide it.
 Dance around the issue for ages before spilling it to my partner, and then walk on eggshells when s/he's around until it blows over.
 Tell my partner the truth, but get defensive if s/he is not understanding.
 Fess up immediately and apologize profusely.
5.If my partner accidentally blew a snot rocket on me I would:
  Flip out and bring it up constantly for weeks.
 Apologize for being in the way.
 Be disgusted and ask for help cleaning up.
 Laugh it off and joke about it later.